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About Kevin Bledsoe

Kevin Bledsoe is a First Vice President of Investments at Marcus & Millichap, where he runs the Bledsoe Self Storage Group. Marcus & Millichap has expanded to over 80 sites throughout North America since its beginning in 1971, and it pioneered the idea of listing houses via a single brokerage agency. They are now the leading commercial real estate investment brokerage and financial consultancy firm in Canada and the US.

Kevin attended Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania for his undergraduate studies. After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Marketing, he began working for Polk-Lepson, a firm specializing in consumer and business-to-business studies. Kevin contributed to marketing initiatives by doing field studies, evaluating data, and reporting results. Kevin’s participation in the research process piqued his curiosity, and he uses those skills to this day.

Throughout his career, Kevin has been able to gain a deeper understanding of the marketing and sales process. He worked with various marketing directors and small business owners, and he was always involved in every stage of a campaign. Kevin was responsible for overseeing and training a group of his own employees. He quickly realized his calling after producing over 500 direct mail ads. He was also named the top account manager in sales dollars two years in row.

He was also able to introduce new clients to the company and develop effective internet marketing strategies for franchise offices.

In his next role, Kevin was the district manager for PFG Capital, which was a real estate company. He was responsible for overseeing the operations of 30 facilities. Kevin was able to improve the efficiency of the facilities by developing effective marketing strategies and managing the various projects.

As the director of operations for The UPS Store and Self-storage Asset Management, Kevin had the opportunity to oversee the operations of both facilities. He was responsible for the third-party management of the properties, as well as assessing the potential of the investment opportunities. He also made recommendations on the staffing and marketing needs of the facilities.

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